"The sense of power that comes with a properly designed suit is a feeling every man should desire to have" - PELUMI OKE

We pride ourselves in providing you with the absolute best value while ensuring excellence in design, craftsmanship, and quality. In order to ensure the perfect fit for our clients, the best way we believe this to be possible is by providing a private tailoring experience that is second to none. For the individual who values traditional craftsmanship, commissioning a custom suit/tuxedo is about the experience of working directly with our team to create your special piece, design for and by you, all constructed by hand and with an immense attention to detail to fit you perfectly. 

To give you a better idea of what the process would be like, here are the stages that go into your custom PELUMI OKE piece



The private tailoring experience begins with creating your unique pattern and cut as stated from your request. In order to create your pattern, we perform a detailed measurement of your body and frame, taking note of what may not be readable on paper. 

Upon conclusion of your measurements, we begin designing and crafting your choice of power and selecting the details of your unique PELUMI OKE piece. 

Tailor's Tools


Once we finish crafting the blueprint of your order, our team begins working on creating your choice of power. During the construction process, our master tailors use traditional techniques and the upmost care to build out your special piece while incorporating over thirty years of tailoring knowledge into your item with the ultimate goal of creating a perfectly fitting and comfortable garment.



We believe in providing the best fit to our clients, no matter how many fittings it takes. Once your piece is complete, we begging the fitting process to confirm your satisfaction with your choice of power. With an in-house alterations specialist, we add the last touches to your piece all in order to guarantee the perfect fit.